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Pollock Leather Music Folders

Years ago I became tired of the same old small cardboard music folders that would last me one semester of school or less and wouldn’t hold some of the larger pieces of music I was carrying around. When I was younger and involved in scouting in Alaska I used to make things like belts and moccasins out of leather. These things would last for years, so I decided to make a leather folder for my music. I found a local leather shop in town and told the owner what I was interested in doing. He had never had anyone ask about leather for a music folder before. I gave him the measurements and he cut out a pretty large piece of thick raw hide. He also sold me the necessary tools I needed to do the job. At the time I was a student at the North Carolina School of the Arts. When I finished my folder and started to take it to rehearsals, it wasn’t long before several of my fellow students and some of the performing faculty decided they needed one as well. That was over twenty years ago and since then; I have made so many folders that I have lost count.

The folder comes in different shades of Black, Brown, Tan and Burgundy. It’s actually one large piece of leather folded in half. It has two large pockets for music sewn on the inside and one for pencils that I also use to hold my tuning fork. The corners have snaps to hold the folder together when it’s closed. The leather is stiff and stays that way even after many years of use. The thickness varies but it’s always 1/8 of and inch thick or less. It’s finished smooth and polished on the outside, but like suede on the inside. It can be made any size, but I find to hold most music it’s best if you keep it around 12 inches wide and 15 inches tall when the folder is closed.

The folder in the photos is Brownish Red. It has been used everyday for over 20 years and I have never had to replace a snap or thread. The only thing I have ever done is to put a little leather treatment or clear polish on the outside and I have only done that about three times. This folder measures 12 ¼ inches wide and just under 15 inches tall when it’s closed. It is a heavy duty folder so it obviously weighs more than a paper folder but the weight is minimal. This folder weighs less than two pounds with all my music, pencils and tuning fork.

I make all of the folders by hand and pretty much guarantee them forever. Because the cost of leather has gone up dramatically in the last 20 years, the price for one is $150 plus shipping, handling and insurance. That can also change depending on the cost of the leather. I make them one at a time and it can take four to six weeks for delivery.

If you are interested in a folder, please send me a
with “Pollock Leather Music Folder” in the subject line. Once we have confirmed what color folder you want and any other details you can follow the link to the Order Form where you can complete your order or use Pay Pal.

Stephen Pollock

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